Soon to Be Miami Marlins Owner Derek Jeter Wants to Remove the Home Run Sculpture

Yahoo – On Friday, a group led by Yankees legend Derek Jeter and New York businessman Bruce Sherman agreed to buy the Miami Marlins from Jeffrey Loria for $1.2 billion. The agreement was confirmed by the Marlins on Saturday, but is still weeks away from being approved by the other MLB owners. But that doesn’t mean Jeter and company aren’t already putting thought into their future plans. Among those plans could be a significant change to the landscape at Marlins Park. That’s the word from FanRag Sports’ Jon Heyman, who says Jeter’s group is giving serious consideration to removing the infamous home-run sculpture.

Before I get into this, did anyone else realize this sculpture that goes off after every home run cost $2.5 MILLION DOLLARS. That is fucking bananas. The sculpture that looks like Miami Vice got drunk and puked in a coy pond. The thing that looks like a mashup between the New York Mets apple in center field and the old Lets Go Fishin game.

Yes, that thing cost $2.5 Million Dollars.

So as much as I love ridiculous shit, I’m not gonna cry if Jeets rips this thing out of the ground. With that being said though I hope the guy who literally used to give gift baskets to chicks after scoring (thats a baseball pun), I hope that guy doesn’t turn the Marlins into a fun-less baseball factory like his Yankees because every stadium needs some ridiculous shit to make it unique.


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