New York Station SNY Has Been Tweeting a Daily Tim Tebow Moment Every Day and Its Awesome

These are some Grade-A, sarcastic, bullshit tweets right here. It would seem everyone in America is in agreement that Tim Tebow has no business being at Mets spring training, but people love them some Tebow. I love Tebow, the dude just fascinates me. I don’t know if I would watch a Tebow reality show because it would just consist of him working out, going to church, and holding hands with his Miss Universe girlfriend. Not exactly Party Down South material, but hey people are interested in the guy despite his lack of real, sustained success as a professional. So SNY says alright you dummies you want more Tebow coverage well here’s the Daily Tim Tebow Moment. Chewing his fingernails in the outfield, walking around the warning track, drinking water. Just a ridiculous place we’ve reached as a society. Snake it til you make it Tim, I respect that game.

PS – If you’ve never seen Party Down South, you must stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it right now. It’s basically the south’s version of Jersey Shore and it used to be on the Country Music TV network. Just good, wholesome, salt of the earth southerners getting blackout drunk every day on TV for our enjoyment.

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