This Ja Rule Halftime Show is Laugh Out Loud Funny. Whats Not Funny Though is Ja’s Acting Chops

Growing up as a kid in the late 90s-early 00s, I’ve always liked Ja Rule. Despite his infamous beefs with 50 Cent and Eminem, I’ve always enjoyed his music. But even on top of that he just seems like a funny, self aware dude.

In addition to his music though he was an absolute staple in great bad movies on HBO for basically my entire youth. He’s been in some absolutely god awful “awesomely bad” movies like Half Past Dead,

Half Past Dead is so disrespected that you can literally find the entire movie on YouTube 3 times in the first page of search results. YouTube don’t even care, pirate away.

Assault on Precinct 13,

and thats before we even get into his award winning role in the original Fast and the Furious.

So Jeffrey Atkins just seems like a chill dude who knows he’s got a sweet deal singing about Ashanti and still touring with her all these years later. Now, he comes off as a complete moron in the Fyre Festival documentary, but hey a lot of people got conned by that sociopath Billy McFarland.

The absolute disrespect by Giannis though has got to hurt Ja a little bit. Giannis is trying to win MVP and put Milwaukee on the map, he don’t have time to listen to I’m Real for the 1,000th time. But, he grew up in Greece and may not be as familiar with Ja’s work so I’ll allow it.

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