If You’re Going to Embarrass Yourself in Public, Own It. Or Don’t Suck at Fantasy Sports

Image result for fantasy football punishment meme

This year, in one of my four fantasy football leagues, I came in dead last. As a punishment, the winner of the league got to choose a song for me to sing at karaoke. As it turns out, the winner of the league taught me how to play drums back in middle school. I use the term taught very loosely, as I don’t know how to play drums today because I never wanted to practice. My fault, not his. Anyway, it was for that reason that he chose Little Drummer Boy for me to sing.

I was dreading this day for weeks. I mean seriously, who wants to sing a Christmas song two weeks before St Patrick’s Day to a bar outside of Boston? Well, the time finally came, and with a little help from my boy Danny aka the mic stand, I think I killed it.

If you’re going to do something, do it 100%. Whether that means singing karaoke, eating pimento loaf, or any of the hundreds of other hilarious fantasy punishments, own it. It might even get you a free Mai Tai.

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