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I grew up in Natick, Mass, and was raised on Boston sports. I got a film degree from Quinnipiac that I used for all of 6 months. Now, thanks to my wife, I'll be traveling the world alongside a member of the Unites States Foreign Service in my quest to become a Boston curmudgeon abroad.

Liquor Store Etiquette III: The Do’s and Don’ts

It’s your go-to beer snob back with round 3 of Liquor Store Etiquette! I know it’s been a while since the last time I wrote one of these, but you’ll have to accept my excuse: I’ve been too busy drinking … Continue reading

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ICYMI, Damian Lillard Was Incredible Last Night

I’m glad I stayed up to watch this one. What a game. Being down 3-1, the Thunder were desperate for a win. Dame Lillard had all the answers. After going down by double digits early, CJ McCollum picked up 3 … Continue reading

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Red Sox Find Redemption With Sweep of Rays

All last week I was thinking about writing an article about how bad this Red Sox team has been playing so far. I kept putting it off because most of my attention is on the Celtics and Bruins, and honestly, … Continue reading

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The 300s 2019 NBA Playoff Predictions

With the NBA playoffs now underway, a handful of The 300s team members have taken the NBA bracket challenge. The picks are in, and here’s what we’ve got for finals predictions. We’ll routinely check in after each round is finished … Continue reading

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Why Does Chris Davis Still Have a Job?

This is one of the more profound questions in Major League Baseball right now. We’ll get into just how bad his contract is later, but the fact that he even has a job in the first place is downright astounding. … Continue reading

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Celtics Lock Up Home Court in Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs

I know I’ve been slacking on the Celtics content lately, but I have my reasons. Firstly, there really hasn’t been much to comment on over the last two weeks. They’ve played pretty much the way I’ve expected: some stupid, disappointing … Continue reading

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Liquor Store Etiquette Part II

Grenga here back with another installment of Liquor Store Etiquette, and a handful of new Do’s & Don’ts to help you make it through your harrowing journey to the local packie. Last time I gave you a fair amount of … Continue reading

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