WTF Gordon! Hayward Out Minimum of 4 Weeks With Ankle Injury

News broke a couple hours ago that Gordon Hayward is, drum roll please…..injured again. Repots are that he’ll miss a minimum of 4 weeks, which means he’s out through at least a potential second round Raptors matchup. Celtics fans everywhere:

Disappointed Muhammad Sarim Akhtar | Know Your Meme
Again Gordon?!

Here’s how the 300’s reacted:

-Red: “That dude has Triscuits for bones and ligaments.”
-Joe: “I just imagine Ainge saying we’re taking him out back and shooting him. Then Stevens grabbing the shotgun and saying, “no Danny, Gordon’s my dog.”
-Me: “Can his wife time her baby’s birth accordingly so it happens while he’s out?”

Celtics news: Brad Stevens provides update on Gordon Hayward's injury
“Why does my body suck?”

Seriously, how about this guy’s run in green? Dude’s only serious injury in 7 years in Utah was a broken finger, but he only missed a couple games. He was never an iron man, but this is getting ridiculous. In only 3 years, this is his list of injuries causing him to miss more than one game for the C’s:

-broken leg, right ankle sprain, concussion, broken left hand, and now grade 3 right ankle sprain. That’s not to mention the smattering of other bumps and bruises along the way.

In all seriousness, you have to feel for the guy. We all know how hard he’s worked to get back to this point, and he’s been an absolutely vital part of our success all year. He’s a genuinely good person, an unselfish teammate, a humble family man, and I really want to see him succeed. I truly believe he is the X factor in a Celtics championship run, but in order to do that he has to…fucking play. If he can’t…

Whelp, see ya later - How I feel asking for cakeday upvotes after the  bombing - quickmeme
Big gulps, huh?

Time to trade him. Our bench is pretty terrible, and unloading him and a couple draft picks for some much needed depth is better than a great player who can’t stay on the floor. A bench comprising the Turkish Shark, Semi, Double Williams and Brad Wanamaker is not one that strikes fear into opponents’ hearts. Kemba and the J’s may be able to will us through the first two rounds, but we’re going to need Gordon if we want to make it past the Bucks.

Jay King on Twitter: "It appears Daniel Theis would like to end the war on  Daniel Theis.… "
Just because.

Also worth mentioning, end the War on Theis. He deserves it. Go Green.

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