Final Tally for The 300s NFL Bracket

The season is over, the Chiefs are champs, and Andy Reid is eating the biggest cheeseburger you have ever seen. It might even be a double! With the 2019 season behind us, it’s now time to see who took home top honors in The 300s staff NFL Pick ‘Em Bracket. We’ll also take a look at who did the worst and a few other curious notes.

Winner: Big Z, 520 points

The only one to pick against the Pats takes home the cake.

What a weird year for football. It’s crazy that a guy who picked the Cowboys in the Super Bowl, the Steelers in the AFC Championship game, and the Colts in the playoffs not only won, but blew everyone out of the water. Well, congrats to Big Z!

I’m not going to repost everyone else’s brackets because, let’s be honest, that’s not something anyone needs to see again. However, here’s a quick overview of how everyone fared:

2nd- Dom- 225 points
3rd- Red- 210 points
4th- Mattes- 190 points
5th- Joey Ballgame- 180 points

I found it odd that I was the only person other than Red to have the Chiefs in the AFC title game. That’s what turned out to be the difference in my second place finish. One thing I do want to highlight, though:


Can we all just take a minute and marvel at how atrociously bad Joey’s bracket turned out to be? First, he picked the BENGALS to make the playoffs. You know, the team picking first in the draft next year? Then he had the Browns beating both the Texans AND the Chiefs. On top of that, he had the Jaguars winning a game. I have to give him a pass on the Patriots, Eagles, and Saints, since all teams underachieved this postseason. But man, that AFC is just terrible.

Lastly, here are a few things I found interesting in all of this:

-Dom was the only person to have the Ravens making the playoffs
-Big Z was the only one to have the 49ers in the playoffs
-Red was the only one with the Seahawks in the playoffs
-Nobody had the Rams winning a playoff game
-The Vikings continue to disappoint just about everyone

That’s it for this year of football picks. Baseball is up next, maybe we can do a little better at that…

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