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The 300s Marvel Cinematic Rewind Presents: Avengers: Age of Ultron

I have a hard time coming to terms with this movie. Avengers: Age of Ultron is a strange crossroads for the MCU. The film has some great moments and sets up a ton of what is to come in Phase 3, … Continue reading

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The 300s Continues to Grow: Introducing Two New Bloggers

As The 300s continues to grow its footprint in the sports entertainment world we’ve been creating more and more content so naturally I’ve been on the lookout for additional personalities. Guys that are funny and knowledgeable yet possess a healthy … Continue reading

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The 300s Just Had Its Best Month EVER. Get On This Train Now Before It’s Too Late

So just a quick little update for everyone that takes the time out of their day to read this humble Boston blog from time to time. September was the best month EVER for The 300s. And I just wanted to … Continue reading

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The 300s Power Rankings of America: Who’s Trending Up and Who’s Trending Down

Another week, another chance to check in and see who’s doing great and who’s doing shit. Trending Up: Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 6 is getting glowing reviews across the board and if you bet me 10 years ago that we’d … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Randomness

Man, this guy takes two-run losses hard. Definitely needs to be considered the next time they induct a coach into the Coaching Blow Ups Hall of Fame. And of course, the GOAT… Who else belongs in the Coaching Blow Ups … Continue reading

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Tiger vs. Phil For $10M is the Golf Event America Needs Right Now

A $10 million winner-take-all match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is reportedly in the works — (@BostonDotCom) July 6, 2018 I don’t watch golf on television and I haven’t picked up a club in four years, … Continue reading

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