Celtics Top Pick Aaron Nesmith and His Vanderbilt Track Star Girlfriend Immediately Become Most Athletic Couple in Boston

With Tom Brady retiring down to Florida there’s been a huge void created to be named the new First Couple of Boston. Most of the top athletes in Boston now are either single or understandably private about who they’re dating. Julian Edelman lives in town year round, but he’s yet to take the plunge. Jayson Tatum is only 22 and while his son Deuce is already a bigger celebrity than most players in Boston, Taco Jay remains a bachelor as far as I know. Hockey players in general are pretty private guys so you don’t hear a whole lot about the WAGS in that sport. Although the Real Housewives of the North End is a show I would watch every single week. And with the Red Sox in a constant state of flux there hasn’t really been anyone established enough to take the mantle with their Queen by their side.

Enter Aaron Nesmith and his Vanderbilt track star girlfriend Jordan Smith and we have without a doubt the most athletic couple in Boston, if not contenders for First Couple status. It’s a lofty title, but it’s something a 1st round draft pick has on their career Bucket List right alongside Larry O’Brien trophies and All-NBA selections. Probably.

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