What’s Dom Drinking Now? Stanley Cup Game 7 Edition

Game 7 is tonight, which means I’m drinking something that reminds me of home: Irish Car Bombs. It may not be the best drink to order in Ireland (you may or may not get thrown out of the pub), but I did one of these before each period in Game 6 and it worked like a charm, so I’m sticking with it. I feel like most people in Boston already know this one, but just in case, here’s the drink:

Image result for irish car bomb
Irish Car Bombs are like chugging a milkshake without the brain freeze.


A Boston favorite, the Irish car bomb combines Irelands three biggest exports with a chugging contest for a boozy milkshake from heaven. Although maybe not a great choice for summer, it goes great with all things Boston, so there’s nothing I’d rather drink for this game.


Pretty easy as far as cocktails go. Pour half a pint of Guinness into glass. Pour a half ounce of Jameson or Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey and a half ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream into a shot glass. Drop the liquor into the Guinness and chug the whole glass. Boom. Bring the Cup home, boys. LFG!

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