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What’s Dom Drinking Now? Stanley Cup Game 7 Edition

Game 7 is tonight, which means I’m drinking something that reminds me of home: Irish Car Bombs. It may not be the best drink to order in Ireland (you may or may not get thrown out of the pub), but … Continue reading

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Liquor Store Etiquette Part II

Grenga here back with another installment of Liquor Store Etiquette, and a handful of new Do’s & Don’ts to help you make it through your harrowing journey to the local packie. Last time I gave you a fair amount of … Continue reading

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The 300s Podcast Talks About Drinking Red Dog

“Give an alcoholic a Red Dog and he will quit drinking. That’s how bad it is.” #The300sPodcast @The300sBigZ @300sGiorgio pic.twitter.com/uo5pSZdZvA — The 300s (@The300sBoston) March 28, 2019

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Liquor Store Etiquette: The Do’s & Don’ts Part I

Over the years, much has been written about the trials and tribulations of the retail worker. It’s been well documented that employees working in the retail and service industries often deal with the underbelly of society and the ugly side … Continue reading

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Millennials Are Now Being Blamed for Killing…Beer!

CCN – Last year, Heineken-owned Lagunitas slashed 12 percent of its total workforce, 17 months after it was acquired. At the time, Lagunitas had said the cuts were necessary for the company to adjust to the needs of a dynamic … Continue reading

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Scientists Tried to Find a Cure for Hangovers, People in the Study Less Than Helpful

CNN – European researchers have bad news for the 76% of Americans who experience hangovers after a drinking session: Try as you may to change up the order of your alcoholic beverages, if you drink too much, you will still … Continue reading

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There is Now an L.L. Bean Beer in Case You Thought Leaves and Road Rage Were the Most New England Things Ever

Boston.com – In quite possibly the most New England beer collaboration ever, Maine-based retailer L.L. Bean has teamed up with five Maine breweries to create a limited-edition craft beer collection in celebration of its new collection of Small Batch Bean … Continue reading

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