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What’s Dom Drinking Now? Stanley Cup Game 7 Edition

Game 7 is tonight, which means I’m drinking something that reminds me of home: Irish Car Bombs. It may not be the best drink to order in Ireland (you may or may not get thrown out of the pub), but … Continue reading

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What’s Dom Drinking Now?

Fresh out of Memorial Day Weekend, you’re favorite booze hound is bringing you a new recurring segment about what’s in my cup. From beer to cocktails, straight liquor to the occasional wine, I drink it all. With summer officially underway, … Continue reading

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Applebees Continues Its Quest to Kill You and Everyone You Know With $1 Jolly Rancher Vodka Drinks

Pardon me for taking the lord’s name in vain, but Jesus Christ, Applebees. This could be the No. 1 reason twenty somethings across America black out on Christmas break. Are you trying to get diabetes? Because this is how you get … Continue reading

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