Blog Favorite Comedian Daniel Sloss is Doing a Live “Day Drink With Dan” This Saturday and It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like

Well now, this is something fit for quarantine. Just perfect. Normally blog worthy? Well actually yes. Anytime a guy of Sloss’ ilk decides to publicly announce he is not only supporting but actively participating in and organizing an event centered around day drinking, that is what we call the “wheelhouse.” So quarantine or not this would be just wonderful.

I’ve written about our Scottish comrade-in-booze Daniel Sloss here before. His first two specials popped up on Netflix out of nowhere and knocked my fuckin socks off. Honestly up there with anything else stand up-wise on Netflix or beyond. His newest special “X” is on HBO and also exceptional but not everyone has HBO so didn’t think it’d be as worth noting.

What is he like? Well, onstage he is high-energy, befriends you in a tell-you-to-go-fuck-yourself sort of way, and isn’t afraid to touch on tough subjects not meant for laughs. In “X” he describes his show as (something like I’m paraphrasing) “50 minutes stand up and 10 minutes Ted Talk”. But it’s brilliant. Offstage (from what I’ve seen in podcasts) he relaxes a bit more but is just as hilarious and is normally hammering beers and talking shit about other people, himself, and his country.

Needless to say I’m stoked for this. Day drinking is one of quarantine’s few simple pleasures. What once you were made to feel guilty about and shamed by society for is basically now encouraged. And now you have a funny-accented dickhead of a drinking buddy to keep you amused through it. So head on over to Sloss’ IG this Saturday at 3:00pm EST and have some fun.

PS – Also check out FOTB Pat Dowling (@patdowlingmusic) on IG every Friday at 6:30pm EST. Kid crushes the tunes.

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