If Cardinals Draft Kyler Murray at No. 1, Should Patriots Trade for Josh Rosen?

The NFL Draft is just a few weeks away and we are in full on wild speculation mode the closer we get. Kyler Murray to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 1 overall seems to be a done deal if you listen to pretty much anyone in the media these days.

Although these quotes from this Yahoo article have Kliff Kingsbury trying to throw some cold water on all the rumors.

“Yeah, just rolling around Indy saying it’s a done deal. I would have to adamantly deny that…It makes it fun having the first pick because nobody knows if you are trying to throw smokescreens or telling the truth or what. There are a thousand different ways you can go with this, and we are still 50 days away.”

Believe what you want, but I find it hard to believe Kliff was just pumping his opponents tires when he showered love bouquets on Kyler Murray just a few months ago.

So if you’re like me then you believe the Cardinals will absolutely scrap their long suffering quarterback of the future plan just 12 months after taking Josh Rosen at No. 10 overall. If in fact that does happen then the Cardinals would likely be looking to trade Rosen. Sure they could keep him like the Redskins did a few years back with RGIII and Kirk Cousins. It’s not like they couldn’t afford it, but I think having two highly drafted QB’s on the same team creates more animosity than competition.

Rosen had a pretty rough rookie year (11 TDs, 14 INTs, 2,278 Yards, 55.2 Completion %)  but we’ve seen QBs have shitty rookie seasons only to become great. Most famously Peyton Manning who threw 28 (!) INTs his rookie year or more recently Jared Goff who was absolutely atrocious his first year and made the Super Bowl in his third year. So it’s not at all unprecedented for a guy to struggle before becoming a successful QB in the NFL.

Now the reason I keep coming back to this as a possibility for the Patriots is because of our favorite word in New England: value. The ask for Rosen was expected to be a 1st round pick since he’s literally 12 months removed from being the 10th overall pick, but recent reports by Peter King have pegged a 3rd rounder as a more likely compensation. The Patriots just so happen to have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds, including the last pick in the second round at No. 64, the pick they got from the Lions at No. 73 overall as well as compensatory selections at No. 97 and No. 101 in the 3rd.

Bill is in poll position if he wants to make a move.

Another point in the Patriots favor is the fact that Rosen makes PEANUTS. Seriously, for a guy drafted in the Top 10 I cannot believe how low his salary is. Over the next three years Rosen makes base salaries of $1.3 million, $2.1 million, and $2.9 million.

Thats before we even get to the rumors of the Patriots wanting to move up and grab Rosen at the draft *last* year. Doing so would have taken significant draft capital and multiple picks to jump up to No. 10.

So now the Pats could have a 22 year old quarterback that they allegedly were interested in last year for just a 3rd round pick and a couple million bucks a year? If the Patriots were in fact intrigued by Rosen last year, they’d be stupid not to make this deal. That is however assuming they actually want him as there has been plenty of negative reports on everything from Rosen’s injury concerns, to personal makeup, and attitude.

“The questions arise regarding Rosen’s non-football traits. Some regard him as arrogant and narcissistic, with a combination of intelligence, confidence, and individualized ambition that could strain relationships in a locker room.”

Personally? With a quarterback that will be 42 at the start of next season and the opportunity to acquire a Top 10 pick from just last year at a fraction of the price in order to restart the clock on the next QB succession plan; I am all in.

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