NCAA Won’t Let Player Post His Wedding Registry Online Because Its a Violation, Lets Talk About Wedding Registries

The NCAA just loves to constantly find new ways to be a complete and total clown show. A wedding registry is as American as apple pie. I pay $200 for you to have dinner and get drunk for free at a gigantic expensive party that I host and in return you buy me an espresso machine. Bingo bango. Thats the way it works guys. Now if Kyle Guy were asking for $10,000 cash or a new Mercedes on his wedding registry then by all means shut it down.

Outside of that? Just another example of a completely corrupt organization just going out of their way to fuck over college kids. I usually chirp at the people crying poor on behalf of college athletes getting free rides to the fanciest schools in the country, but stuff like this is different. This man is getting married, he needs nay he deserves a house dorm room full of brand new silverware, china, cooking utensils, napkin holders etc. etc. He’s far too young to need a wedding registry to be honest so maybe the NCAA is like hey bro rethink this, maybe get your Bachelors degree thats not worth the paper its printed on first before getting married?

Buuut in reality its probably just another example of the NCAA being about useful as the Springfield Police Department.

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