The 300s Game of Thrones Meme of the Week Award: Episode 2

Obvious Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t caught up on Season 8 of Thrones yet come back later.

Game of Thrones memes have always been around as they have for any pop culture sensation, but I feel like they have gone into overdrive for Season 8. Every week there seems to be 50 new and hilarious memes for each episode. So I figured it was only right to launch The 300s Game of Thrones Meme of the Week Award. The winning meme for Episode 2 has to go to the one below because it combines two of my favorite shows of all time in a perfect example of a deep cut.

Unless you’ve watched 7+ years of Thrones and five seasons of The Simpsons this ain’t for you.

Episode 1 Winner:

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