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I’m Not One for Hyperbole But I Think Michael Chavis Might Be Headed for the Hall of Fame

Listen I’m not one for hyperbole, but I’m pretty sure after watching Red Sox rookie Michael Chavis for 9 games, he’s headed to the Hall of Fame. The dude has come in and immediately started to rake. While its common for rookies to sometimes get off to a fast start before the league puts together the book on you and starts pitching to your weaknesses; its less common for a rookie to immediately look like he *belongs*

Since getting called up Chavis has pretty much been an every day starter, especially after CROAKING a double in his first career at bat, in a clutch situation to boot. As a pinch hitter off the bench no less.

In 9 games Chavis is batting .286 with a .429 BP and an OPS of 1.071! He’s also got 3 homers and 8 RBI in that timespan so the kid can play.

In the interest of full disclosure I was not super optimistic about what Chavis was going to look like after returning from a PED suspension, but as I blogged about when the Sox called him up he’s actually been *better* at least in terms of OPS..

I don’t wanna jump the gun or anything, but do we have enough room in right field for his retired number?

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