The Encore Casino in Everett Just Got Approval to Serve Booze Til 4 AM

WILD times we live in folks. Remember, this is Massachusetts; the state that legalized weed, yet I can’t get 2-for-1 beers at Happy Hour because someone got in an accident 30 years ago. Now I can drink in Everett til 4 am?

I’m all for it by the way, except for the fact that I work near the casino and it is most definitely going to obliterate traffic in the area and force me to quit my job. The New York City hard asses can relax with the “all our bars are open til 4 am every night kid” talk too because you ever drink til 4 am?

Sure when I was working security at a bar down in Faneuil it was the norm because we wouldn’t get off work until 2:30 anyways. So myself and Joey B invented “after bar, bar” but that was out of necessity. Nowadays I would much rather day drink and then go home when the sun goes down so I can still get my 8 hours in.

I pulled an all-nighter in Vegas when I was out there a few weeks ago and my body is still in shambles. The one place I would want to drink til 4 am though? The Taco Bell Cantina on the Vegas strip. That place is magical.

Casino opens next month. Godspeed to all my degenerate townie friends.

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