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Three. More. Wins. Bruins Take a 1-0 Lead in the Stanley Cup Finals

Now THAT was a fun ass game. Thats what playoff hockey is all about. Lightning quick pace, monster hits, and silky smooth mitts.

Not long into this game though I was starting to swear at myself for jinxing the Bruins by writing about how well Tuukka’s been playing just hours before puck drop. That would have been quite the cross to bare, but luckily the Bruins drank some of David Pastrnak’s iced cold brew because they were shot out of a cannon for the final 40 minutes of this game.

Torey Krug drew an audible gasp from me when he came flying in from the left side of your screen to absolutely blow up the Blues’ Rob Thomas. The hit of the year came from one of the smallest guys in the NHL and he lit Thomas up.

I already said to the Mrs. that if the Bruins win the Cup, thats the photo we’re getting framed.

Apparently he’s fine, but Chara got smoked with a puck and it looked gruesome.

I’m not sure if he’s fine or “hockey fine” but its good to see he didn’t break his wrist or anything. I guess if you’re that big you’re just naturally going to have thicker bones than your average bear.

Also shoutout to Connor Clifton for being the first QU alumni to ever score on a goal in the Stanley Cup Finals. NBD.

Going into this game the No. 1 thing I saw was that the Bruins have a historically efficient powerplay in these playoffs and the Blues are near the bottom in the penalty kill. So naturally the Blues took a bunch of dumb penalties, including David Backes getting cross checked in the mouth.

Luckily for St. Louis the Bruins looked like a team that hadn’t played in 11 days and came out sluggish before going down 2-0. After the first though the B’a were flying around and seemed to have shaken off the rust. A little too much fancy passing on the powerplay for my taste, but the B’s looked like the better team hands down. So the Blues need to so something big or completely avoid the stupid penalties if they’re going to have a shot.

The puck drops on Game 2 tonight and lucky for me I’ll be on a plane so I’ll be sure to demolish the airline on Twitter when he stream doesn’t work.

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