Introducing: Joey B’s Twitter Follow of the Week

Greetings readers. I’ve toyed with this idea for a long time.

You see, Twitter is a wonderous place – if you know how to use it, more on that in a moment. Remarkably, it has managed to be the bedrock for actual communities – loosely-knit but definitively intertwined folks of usually similar background who speak in similar lingos and subtexts and that provide you with a specific and sometimes peculiar angle on things.

With that said all of twitter has it’s ups and down. Sure, you can spiral into an out of control rage if you choose to hate-follow accounts that you know are going to grind your gears. But you can also find a slew of information, news, and updates if you choose to.

I am going to provide you with nothing found in paragraph two. This will be a purely entertainment-based blog. Every Friday I will deliver unto you a Twitter account that you may or may not follow for the chuckles it provides.

Week 1 we have an entry from none other than the community known as Irish Twitter. What makes Irish Twitter awesome, particularly to us across the pond, is that they are acutely and hilariously self-aware. They know that some of the shit that goes down in my ancestors’ country is ridiculous and that they themselves sometimes sound insane. How do I know that? Well they even tweet phonetically in an Irish accent. It’s fucking amazing. Anyway, Irish Twitter’s aforementioned off beat self-aware, and sometimes self-effacing sense of humor is easily digested through the lense of the first ever Twitter Follow Of The Week: Locally Hated ( @JurassicArse ) .

From what I’ve been able to gather, Locally Hated is an education professional who loves to satirize both Irish/UK politics and his local brethren’s way of life.

Not unexpectedly, he also has pointed yet still hilarious opinions of the British and their many…many flaws……

The Protestant-Catholic tension that has simmered/bubbled/spilled in Ireland on repeat for years? Check.

To many Irish people, us Irish-Americans who push our heritage a little hard are a bit grating, but also kind of humorous. Locally Hated is among those many.

He has many, many more tweets revolving around, of course, Irish sports, more politics, his life as a professional and father, etc. But, as he took a shot at us above, lets end with the most stereotypical topic when it comes to the Irish, let’s end with a tweet about drinking.


So there you have it folks. The first edition of the Twitter follow of the week. Let me know what you think and feel free to give the lad a follow if you feel like it.







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