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People Are Mad On Twitter Dot Com That I Don’t Like Film Critics

So I was perusing the old timeline a little earlier this afternoon when I stumbled upon a follower of a follower or some shit like that announcing they had officially reviewed a film for the San Francisco Chronicle. Honored and … Continue reading

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Introducing: Joey B’s Twitter Follow of the Week

Greetings readers. I’ve toyed with this idea for a long time. You see, Twitter is a wonderous place – if you know how to use it, more on that in a moment. Remarkably, it has managed to be the bedrock … Continue reading

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Ranking Boston’s 11 Championships This Century

11 rings in this century alone. Which one was the sweetest? pic.twitter.com/kUVtO87Z22 — Tucker Boynton (@Tucker_TnL) January 24, 2019 It’s only lunchtime, but I’m going to call it early and say that this is the best tweet of the day. … Continue reading

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Patriots Absolutely DESTROY Rob Parker with One Amazing Tweet

For much of the Brady/Belichick era, the Patriots have usually made a point of taking the high road, often choosing to disregard the “noise” and refusing to engage with those who take shots at them and their unparalleled success. In … Continue reading

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The Robert Williams Time Lord T-Shirts Are Here and They Are Fantastic

Update: Buy Time Lord shirts here! So Robert Williams is finally starting to get some burn off the bench with Al Horford out and he has ran with that opportunity. The Time Lord has been rewarding Mattes and I for … Continue reading

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Marcus Morris Chirps Tristan Thompson and Continues Preseason Rampage

Look, I know it’s only the preseason, but Marcus Morris is really getting me amped up with his strong showing over the past week – both on and off the court. For those who missed it, Cavalier’s big man Tristan … Continue reading

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Pro Football Talk is NOT Happy With WEEI or Kirk and Callahan

Pro Football Talk – We posted an item earlier today regarding a report from WEEI that the Patriots will be trading tight end Rob Gronkowski in the coming weeks. The report, which was being picked up by other websites, appeared … Continue reading

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