Patriots Absolutely DESTROY Rob Parker with One Amazing Tweet

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For much of the Brady/Belichick era, the Patriots have usually made a point of taking the high road, often choosing to disregard the “noise” and refusing to engage with those who take shots at them and their unparalleled success.

In fact, Belichick once even benched Wes Welker – who was coming off a 122-catch, 1,500-plus-yard season – for the first half of a playoff game against the Jets in 2011 for his little press conference comedy show a few days before. (Ya know, the one where he “subtly” pokes fun at Rex Ryan’s foot fetish. It was actually pretty hilarious. Here’s the link in case you need a refresher.)

But not this time. On Tuesday, the team itself tweeted out a video which eviscerates long-time Patriots hater and absolute joke of a “journalist,” Rob Parker.

For those of you who are unaware of who Parker is, here’s a quick rundown: He’s a former ESPN analyst – who was fired by the worldwide leader back in 2013 for, you guessed it, opening his big, ignorant pie hole. Now working for FS1, he will literally take any opening possible to dump all over Tom Brady and the Pats. He even goes so far as to call Brady the “L.O.A.T.” (“Luckiest of All Time”) – meaning he believes Brady’s entire career can be attributed to pure luck, and nothing more. Yup, the guy is unbearable to listen to, even on topics not involving the Pats. How he even got a job in the industry in the first place is truly mind-boggling.

Anyway, the tweet was posted in response to some pre-AFC-Championship comments Parker made on FS1’s “The Herd” last week:

Just fucking perfection – even all the way down to the wordplay on “reign” in the caption. Bravo, social media team. BRA-VO.

Stuff like this gets me even more amped up than I already am for next Sunday, and I’m sure it fires up the boys in the locker room, too.

So hopefully you really do take off to Mexico, Rob. Hell, I’ll even buy the plane ticket for ya. I doubt anyone will miss you and your “hot takes” anyway.

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