Are We Traveling Back to 2007? The Celtics Are Working Out Greg Oden…Sort Of

MassLive – This isn’t how Greg Oden saw his career going. The 31-year-old should have been angling for one more long-term contract in what most people expected to be a long career.

Injuries robbed him of that, but not of his passion for basketball. Now the former number one overall pick is focused on a new path: coaching.

“I’m done playing. I helped out at Ohio State for the past three, four years. So I just kinda hit the bug on me,” he told MassLive. “I enjoy working with the players. I enjoy that side of it.”

The pursuit of that coaching career brought him to Boston. He was invited by the team to help out and take the floor with players and to help in their evaluation.

“Just to help out with the pre-draft stuff and see what happens from it,” Oden said. “I’ll take that opportunity from it. It’s the freakin’ Celtics.”

Good for Greg Oden. It’s hard to feel bad for millionaires, but I always felt bad for Greg Oden. The guy was supposed to be a generational talent and was poised to dominate the NBA for years, but his body just broke down before he was even 20 years old. Now he might be back.

In what was actually a grand stroke of luck for the Celtics, they got hosed in the NBA Draft Lottery that year and fell to No. 5, which ultimately turned into Danny trading for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett in separate deals that same offseason. As we all know those two moves quickly turned a lottery team into one of the most dominant teams in recent NBA history, which never would have happened if the Celtics had landed the No. 1 overall pick.

Of course there are the conspiracy theorists out there that swear Danny would have drafted Kevin Durant No. 1 overall even though everyone in America had Oden the higher rated player. Danny was fined back in 2007 for contact with Durant’s mom and he more recently swindled Philly and the NBA as a whole when he traded down and still got his guy in Jayson Tatum. So who knows.

Either way, its great to see Oden getting back into the NBA, even if its in a different role than he expected.


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