A Dominican News Network is Reporting David Ortiz Has Been Shot

I really hope this isn’t true, but CDN 37, a blue check marked news network in the Dominican Republic, is reporting that David Ortiz has been hospitalized with a gunshot wound in Santo Domingo. I’ve seen some other rumors on Twitter saying that it happened during a robbery at gunpoint, but I don’t know if thats true or not. A couple of websites are reporting that he was shot in the leg after an altercation and that the suspect has been arrested.

This is exactly why a lot of players make it big and never go home when they come from less than well off countries. It must be an insanely scary feeling to be the richest guy in one of the poorest parts of the world while everyone knows you’re the richest guy in the country. Even if you’re the humblest, most modest dude, just having Big Papi’s face would be like me walking through the Bronx with hundred dollar bills hanging out of my pockets. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do David Ortiz harm. He’s Big Papi for christs sake. Street justice will probably be swift on the dude thats responsible if its true. We’ll keep you updated with any info we see come through, but for now prayers up to No. 34.

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