Listening to Pedro Martinez and Jason Varitek Talk About David Ortiz Will Break Your Heart

From all the latest reports out now it seems like David Ortiz will make a full recovery, but that doesn’t change how scary the entire situation has been. I still can’t believe someone tried to assassinate Big Papi. It all sounds like a fake story, but thankfully he’s back in Boston and seems to be in a good spot. His former teammates have begun reacting to the news and its just heartbreaking. Pedro played with Ortiz on the Sox for 2 seasons, but they’re both DR guys and thats a pretty tight knit community in baseball.

Jason Varitek is one of the most stoic guys you’ll ever see and was always pretty reserved in how he addressed the media. So to see this coming from Tek was really emotional.

To hear him nearly break down in tears while discussing David Ortiz being shot is heartbreaking. These guys were more than just teammates, they were like family. They played together for 9 years and both are still involved with the Red Sox organization to this day. It says a lot about how much people genuinely care for David Ortiz.


Prayers up to No. 34.

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