Charlie McAvoy Just Described My Perfect Day

“I just want to live in the moment. Go have my lunch. Enjoy that. Take a nap. Enjoy that. Then just go step by step throughout my day, and just be there. Be in the moment. Then get here tonight, and play.”

Bro, you just described my daily existence in college. Go to class for an hour, grab a sub, saunter back to my apartment and crush a nap. Just sounds like a delightful day. Something I would do for free, let alone for millions of dollars. Granted I don’t have the pressure of a Stanley Cup Game 7 on my shoulders at the office today, but Chuckie does get to take a nap in the middle of the days so he’s got that going for him.

PS – Does Charlie McAvoy need a side hustle coming up with t-shirt ideas this summer because this is also an A+ quote from the young defenseman.

“I mean, you gotta live in the moment. I guess dreaming is fine. It’s all good. But it’s fiction until it’s reality,” he said.

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