It Was an Absolute Shitshow at Fenway Last Night as We Saw Once Again Why We Need Robo Umps

ESPN – Both managers and Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi were ejected from Texas’ 9-5 win over Boston on Tuesday.

Benintendi and Red Sox manager Alex Cora were tossed in the fifth inning by first-base umpire Vic Carapazza, and Texas manager Chris Woodward was booted by plate umpire Angel Hernandez in the sixth.

I was about to turn off the Sox game last night once the Rangers started putting up crooked numbers, but sometimes those blowouts provide the best entertainment and boy did it ever. First off, Angel Hernandez and his flunkies can kick rocks with that sideshow of a baseball game last night. It was just another example of MLB umps inserting themselves into the game in completely unnecessary situations.

After grounding out and getting thrown out at first, Benintendi was pretty heated about a missed call by homeplate umpire Angel Hernandez earlier in the at-bat. Benintendi glanced in the direction of home plate and swore to himself basically. Well in steps the shining knight that was the first base ump Vic Carapazza who took it upon himself to defend Angel’s honor by ejecting Benintendi. Benintendi by the way was’t even looking at Carapazza when he quietly motioned for the ejection so Red Sox first base coach Tom Goodwin had to break the news.

Benintendi, rightfully so, flipped the fuck out.

I don’t know why, but Benny yelling “You fucking suck too” at the first base ump is the funniest line I’ve heard in a while.

Then just 15 minutes later we got this circus at second base.

The ump definitively makes the safe call before changing his mind and pumping his fist to signal the out call. All of which happened in the span of 2 seconds. The Sox got the call, but that whole series of events is a joke. It also led to the Rangers manager getting chucked too as Angel Hernandez remains the smuggest official in all of sports.

Hernandez said Woodward apparently didn’t hear when he was told time was running out to challenge the call.

“We were not going to review the play once time expired,” Hernandez said. “These are rules. It’s my job to enforce them.”

And here’s Hernandez on the Benintendi ejection:

Hernandez spoke to a pool reporter following the game but said little to explain the ejection.

“He violated the rules of the game,” Hernandez said. “I’m not at liberty to discuss anything until I submit the report tomorrow.”

Lets be done with this. Just fire them all into the sun and bring me the robo umps.

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