The Encore Boston Casino Opened Yesterday and You Had to Be Insane to Go On Opening Day

So to be honest I have been dreading this day for months because I work less than a mile from the Encore Boston Casino. It looms over me from the parking lot of my 9-5 like the Eye of Sauron. The traffic in this city is murder-suicide inducing enough as is so adding another several thousand people to the mix on these one road towns seems like a great way for me to wind up on the news. But dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives all the same.

You have to be absolutely outside of your mind to wait in a line with thousands of people just for the opportunity to give your money to a casino. I am all for doing some gambling and blowing a few sheckles in Vegas, but thats passive money spent with a buzz. Waiting in line for god knows how long in EVERETT is a pre-meditated way to spend a Sunday.

I know this will simply be a matter of supply and demand and demand is never higher than the day of the grand opening, but people hoping to get a stack of high society on the cheap can think again. The hotel rooms in the Encore hotel are STARTING at $675 a night and quickly ramp up to four figures. The table minimums are going to shock the average joe looking to play some blackjack too.

Now with all that being said, from everything I’ve heard the place is insanely nice and you immediately forget you’re anywhere near Boston. All the reviews from people that got early access were glowing.

Plus you know any massive Las Vegas based company like this knows how to throw a party.

So despite everything I just bitched about above, you can bet your ass I’ll be taking a goddamn boat to the front door of this casino.

Thats really the main reason I want to go. Just pretend like I’m in an episode of Miami Vice, ferrying across the water to do some undercover gambling and bust a druglord on his way out of the high rollers room. CUE THE MUSIC!

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