I Don’t Think the Red Sox Can Pay Mookie Betts After Seeing This Outfit

As the great Andy Stitzer once said:

Granted I was on an island all week long so maybe I already missed the news cycle, but why is nobody talking about this?

Mookie, love ya mean, but what the hell are we doing here? This is a straight up fashion crime. He is the MVP of Major League Baseball, he is a professional bowler, he is an absurdly proficient jack of all trades, but a tastemaker in the fashion world he is not.

I gotta be honest, after seeing this outfit I am seriously, seriously hesitant to give a man with this judgement $400 Million dollars. I suppose you can attempt this look when you’re hitting .346 with 32 home runs, but not when you’re hitting .272 with 13 dingers.

All I’m saying is there has got to be someone at the Betts household that sees him on his way out the door wearing a tuxedo without a shirt like he’s Seal and says hold the phone Mook we need to make some tweaks here.

Stop trying to bring back the Lou Bega look, MLB.

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