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Joey B CounterBlog: Dennis Eckersley Needs To Take A Walk

Editor’s note: This could be Joey B’s worst take ever, but in the interest of not being called a dictator here we go. My original blog defending Eck can be found here

Get off my lawn.

Turn your damn music down

When I was your age

In my day.

Anyone else sick of reading these cliched laments of the old and justly disenfranchised?

Well I am too, and thus I am sick and tired, and have been, of Dennis Eckersley.

You might read what “Eck” said in Red’s blog and say to yourself “well that’s fairly benign, all he’s saying is he doesn’t care.” And you are not entirely wrong. I can see that without context all “Eck” was saying was that he’s no longer bothered. But here’s the things.

No one fucking cares how you feel anymore, Dennis Eckersley. It’s no longer the 1970’s Eckersley. You are a bad commentator, and a bad one at that, not a ballplayer, anymore. You matter not. David Price on the other hand, is a highly paid pitcher. WHO I DON’T EVEN REMOTELY LIKE. But in this case I’m completely Team Price. Dennis Eckersley’s interactions with David Price are SOLELY contingent on David Price, not “Eck”. He doesn’t call these shots. His opinion doesn’t matter.

So keep yelling at the clouds, old man. They’re never going to thunder rain down on you all the same.


-Joey B.

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