Patriots Backup QB Danny Etling Taking Reps at Wide Receiver Now

We’ve obviously seen this with the Patriots before as Julian Edelman was a QB at Kent State before becoming arguably Tom Brady’s best wide receiver ever. The Patriots love to move guys around the field whether its Edelman at WR, Cordarrelle Patterson at RB, or Troy Brown at defensive back so this isn’t necessarily a surprise. What is startling though is how BARREN the Patriots receiver group currently is that Belichick is resorting to second year QBs to help fill the gap.

This could just be a way to get an athlete on the field more or it could be Etling’s last shot at making the team. With Hoyer entrenched as Brady’s backup, I highly doubt the Patriots will carry four quarterbacks on the roster after drafting Jarett Stidham in the fourth round this year. Although the last time they did that it worked out pretty well when TB12 was QB4. If nothing else, we know Etling has some WHEELS.

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