The Latest Episode of Phireside With Phil Mickelson Did Not Disappoint

These Phireside With Phil videos literally make me laugh out loud because they are just absurd. As I wrote a few weeks back, its my new favorite show. For this episode Phil literally brought a candle into the clubhouse in between rounds of The Open for this sit down interview with 3x major champion Padraig Harrington. Mickelson seems like a guy I would love to go on a bender with as Harrington tells a story of Phil just handing out bottles of wine to 18 year olds at dinner one night, on Harrington’s tab no less.

Sneaky hilarious move to put the subtitles up just for Padraig too, just in case people get lost in the brogue.

Hopefully Phil is crushing all the fatty food he can get his hands on after dropping 15 pounds in the week leading up to The Open, only to miss the cut. Thicc boys are in these days Phil, embrace it.

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