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Is it Golf Season Yet?

With Boston due to get 6-10 inches of snow this week in yet another Nor’easter, we ask: Is it Golf Season Yet? #GolfIsHard Advertisements

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The 300s Store is Officially Open for Business

The 300s Store is officially open for business. Grab your Yuck shirt, your Pro-Am Champions shirt and anything else we’re hawking. Buy them all in fact.

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The 300s Faldo/Barker Pro-Am Champions T-Shirt is Here! BUY BUY BUY

“You know, Nick Faldo and I won this thing last year, and I’d like to win it again.” Get your Pro-Am Champions T-Shirt from The 300s today and rep the Faldo/Barker team. To get your shirt, email us at

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A 300s Friday Rumination – Am I Going To Die Golfing Tomorrow?

  Ahhh golf. The gentleman’s game. The favorite past-time of the washed up. 18 holes and ~4 hours of sun, friendly competition, beers, and escape from whatever lies outside the tree lined solace of the golf course. I myself began … Continue reading

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The LPGA Is Implementing A New, Very Strict Dress Code and People Aren’t Over the Moon About It

AOL – The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is under fire for “body-shaming” its female players after the organization introduced a stricter dress code including longer skirts and no plunging necklines. A reporter for Teen Vogue magazine wrote, “we don’t see … Continue reading

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Golf Commentator Caught on Mic Talking About How Short Sergio Garcia’s Fiancee’s Skirt Is

Legitimately laughed out loud when I heard this. “The shortest skirt in the country.” That is just an old guy who does not give a fuck. Peter Alliss coming in hot on the BBC coverage. Its not like he was backstage … Continue reading

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