Patrick Reed SNAPPED On the 18th Hole of the US Open in the Golf Video of the Year

I gasped when I saw this video late last night. Patrick Reed was in great position to make the cut at the US Open on Friday as he got to the 18th hole. Well, then things went sideways for the former Master champ.

He was even par for the tournament, with the cut line at two over par. A double bogey would be enough to survive and advance. He seemed pretty safe.

But then the fun began. Reed’s tee shot found the right rough, 250 yards from the hole. He proceeded to hit his second shot only 140 yards, into the left bunker that runs next to the the seawall along the Pacific Ocean. OK, no big deal. Hit it on the green, two putt and have a nice dinner.

Reed’s third shot, however, missed long of the green into the thick gnarly rough. Trying to hit a flop shot on to the green to a front-right hole location, Reed proceeded to hit his fourth shot back over the green into more thick rough.

Then with his fifth shot, he flubbed a chip, leaving the ball in the rough again.

Hilarious and probably the most relatable thing I’ve seen from Patrick Reed. After having a meltdown on the 18th green of Pebble Beach he still had to finish the hole. Its not like that shot totally killed him so it was a bit of an awkward situation when he finally squeaked in.

To the man’s credit, he steadied himself and hit his sixth to just outside two feet, and then rolled in the putt. With a wry smile, he shook the hands of the other two in his threesome, went off and signed his score card.

Patrick Reed; the people’s golfer for people like me who sometimes flip out on the course.

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