Bubba Watson is Out Here Breaking Clubs Like Happy Gilmore

Bubba is getting his money’s worth out here today because it cannot be cheap to replace a professional golfer’s finely tuned driver, let alone a fully customized pink one.

And he STILL bombs a better drive than any of us will hit all season. The PGA Tour’s favorite dad just making it look easy out there in his J’s. Now in fairness this isn’t exactly Patrick Reed having a conniption because he couldn’t get the ball out of the rough, but it’s still funny nonetheless.

True story I once knew a guy who broke four (4!) rental drivers at the driving range because he was the size of linebacker but had never actually played golf before. Nothing like a real strong wrist snap at the bottom of your swing to destroy some perfectly usable equipment. No word if they legit just pasted his photo on the wall with a red line through it after that.

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