Barring Setback, Tiger Woods is a Go for The Masters

CBS Sports – Tiger Woods is planning to make his triumphant return to golf as part of the 2022 Masters field. Woods said as much Tuesday during his official press conference at Augusta National with just two days to go until the first round begins — this after several days of practice at Augusta, including a trip with his son, Charlie, and Justin Thomas last week.

“As of right now, I feel like I am going to play.

This dude continues to defy logic. Just 14 months after flipping his car and nearly losing a leg, Tiger Woods says he plans to play at The Masters this weekend. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen legitimate steam coming out of him because this guy heals faster than a Titan. I played my first round of the season on Saturday and my abs are still sore. Tiger has had more surgeries than I can count and yet he still looks fresher than lettuce.

Tiger got the full Brett Favre treatment the last few days as we had people on Twitter tracking his private jet en route to Augusta, we had whispers about how great his warmup rounds looked walking the course, to full on ESPN coverage and PACKED galleries just to watch the man practice. The dozens of videos flying around the internet this week show a guy who doesn’t look simply capable of playing golf, no Tiger looks like he’s coming for that green jacket.

Like a lot of people, I don’t think I realized how much I missed Tiger until I found myself fully invested in watching Tiger and 13-year-old Charlie Woods gunning for the father-son PNC Championship back in December. That was less than four months ago and even then you could see Tiger grimacing and limping his way around the course, yet they nearly won the damn tourney. Now he’s managed to get his body back to a point where he’s confident in his ability to not only show up, but win The Masters.

For an athlete whose made a career out of dominating not only the competition but the headlines, this one could very well top them all.

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