Super Classy Move from Billy Horschel as Collin Morikawa Wins the WGC – Workday Championship

Golf is the ultimate emotional rollercoaster. In no other sport can you go from wanting to throw your equipment in the lake and quit entirely followed almost immediately by pure elation after hitting a great shot. You really can run the gamut of emotions in 18 holes, which is why being even keeled is so important if you’re ever going to play well and more importantly have any fun.

Now imagine it’s your career and there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line with each and every shot.

Well, that was Billy Horschel on Sunday as he was trying to chase down Collin Morikawa who had a 54 hole lead going into the day and was trying to fend off the pack. Horschel nearly pulled it off, but ultimately had two bogies on the back 9 that sunk his chances. Dropping to a tie for second cost Horschel over a million dollars so you can imagine the guy was probably more than a little upset. I wouldn’t blame someone for throwing a wedge into the lake at that point.

Instead though, the mics picked up an exchange between the pair and an absolute class move from Horschel on the 18th green.

With the final outcome all but decided, it would have been understandable for Horschel to be frustrated, let Morikawa tap his own putt in first, and then finish his own round after. But that would have led to an awkward, delayed, and anti-climactic celebration for Morikawa. So Horschel turned down Morikawa’s offer to go first so the kid could properly celebrate and enjoy his 4th career victor on the PGA Tour.

Classy stuff right there. I don’t know about you guys, but I know I’ll be rooting for Horschel to break through with his first win of the year after 3 Top 10 finishes so far this season. Whatever you do, just don’t talk any shit from the stands or you might have a Happy Gilmore situation on your hands.

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