Steve Smith Has No Shame In Getting Fantasy Tips

Just an absolutely hysterical clip taken from a Carolina Panthers practice last year. Former Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith, Sr., always known for being uhh… outspoken, has apparently developed a passion for fantasy football. And just like the rest of us, he’s looking for an inside edge wherever he can get it.

We’ve all been in the position of trying to figure out who to start in your last flex spot (which means you can start a player at any offensive skill position, Cam). But we don’t get the opportunity to go directly to the source while making the decision. And clearly, Panthers rookie WR DJ Moore knew that his performance wasn’t cutting it as of late.

Unfortunately for DJ, Steve might have been right to bench him based on how he ended the season. Including two games (in the fantasy playoffs no less!), where Moore ended up with… two points.

A little pro tip for Steve for this year when it comes to Panthers receivers, just draft Curtis Samuel instead. You’ll get the same production a few rounds later. Just don’t tell DJ that.

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