I’m Not a Tall Person, But What the Bruins Have Done to the Seats is Criminal

This is criminal. Unless you are planning to sit up in The 300s with myself and the mutants over at Table 9, you and your knees are in for a rude awakening.  Apparently as part of the new TD Garden renovations the Bruins and Celtics have eliminated the antiquated idea of “leg space.” I am a card carrying member of the 5’8″ Brigade and even I was getting anxiety just seeing the above picture.

As you probably are aware, TD Garden removed all of the old yellow seats in the Loge section and replaced them with these new black seats.

Oh they also somehow added 500 more seats. How?

Well they clearly weren’t blowing out any walls so they had to stuff those seats somewhere. Well it looks like they shoehorned them into the Loge section so all you rich people are getting shafted. Personally, I never sit down with the fancy folk in Loge so this probably won’t affect me all that much, but its still a pretty blatant money grab that the Bruins and Celtics should frankly be above, but hey honors in the dollar kid.

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