How Mental Do You Have to Be to Get a Tacko Fall Tattoo?

Good god. I love Tacko Fall as much as the next guy, but you have got to be outside of your mind to get the man’s face tattooed on your arm. Sure he nearly made the All-Star team, but Tacko is still the last man on the bench while frequenting the I-95 express back to Portland. I guess it’s better than the tattoos guys get predicting a Super Bowl win because those are destined to just be a bad memory of how your favorite team sucks. Even if Tacko Fall never turns into an everyday NBA player, we’ll always have the hype train that was the 2019-20 season. Like having a tattoo of a Tomagatchi, it doesn’t really make sense all these years later, but find me another 30-year-old who wouldn’t get a kick out of it. You can’t. So I think I just talked myself into this Tacko tattoo?

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