Jerry Jeudy Had a Real Curb Your Enthusiasm Moment at the NFL Combine

NY Post – Jerry Jeudy was a five-star recruit coming out of Deerfield Beach, Fla., but that does not explain why he proudly and boldly wears a gold six-pointed Star of David around his neck.

Jeudy sported the necklace Tuesday as he took the podium at the NFL Combine, with the Jewish star on full display. Jeudy got the idea after hearing how many people shorten his last name when they referred to him.

“People call me ‘Jew’ for short,” he explained. That prompted him to get the Jewish star, which he wore while playing at Alabama.

“I’m not Jewish, though,” he said.

So this happened at the NFL Combine last week, but I never got a chance to blog it and I couldn’t let the story pass without touching on it. The Alabama product is the top rated wide receiver and is projected to go in the first handful of picks in the draft so this became a headline. Now I don’t watch a ton of Bama games so I have no idea if this nickname is a long time thing or not, but Jeudy was rocking a blinged out Star of David necklace at his combine press conference. Plenty of athletes have diamond encrusted Jesus pieces so this is no different. Except Jeudy isn’t actually Jewish. Nope, he said he wears the chain because his nickname is “Jew/Jeu.” Predictably Jeudy had to apologize on twitter for potentially offending anyone, but when I heard this I was howling. This is an episode synopsis right out of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“Larry’s long suffering football team the New York Jets drafts Jerry Jeudy, but when Larry learns of the receiver’s Star of David necklace he must decide between his religion and his football team.”

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