Happy Birthday Malcolm Butler and Thank You for Super Bowl XLIX

Malcolm, Go! Happy birthday to the guy that secured hands down my favorite title in all my years as a Boston sports fan. Sure the 2004 Red Sox reversed the curse, the 2008 Celtics showed us Anything is Possible, the 2001 Patriots was more improbable, the 2011 Bruins were the first B’s team since the 70s to win, but the 2014 Patriots will always be my favorite championship.

In 2014 it had been 10 years since the Patriots had won the big one (cry me a river long suffering sports fans) and despite multiple cracks at it, the Pats had only come up with heart breaking defeats. The 2006 AFC Championship, the 2007 Super Bowl, the 2011 Super Bowl, the 2012 AFC Championship, the 2013 AFC Championship. Doubt was starting to creep into everyone’s minds about whether the Patriots and Tom Brady would ever win another one. Sure Brady already had 3 rings, but that left him smack dab in the middle of the GOAT discussion and far too close to guys like Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning for my liking. At 36-years-old the Patriots were already (prematurely) planning for Brady’s exit by drafting Jimmy G. With this being the most successful team I’ll ever see in my lifetime, I was obsessed with the Patriots maximizing their window. I was frothing at the mouth for title No. 4 (let alone 5, and 6) to cement Brady as the best to ever do it. So SB XLIX was a monumental victory for Brady and Belichick’s legacy plus it happened in the most spectacular, unbelievable fashion. Some people might call it luck that Pete Carroll decided to run it from the 1-yard-line…

Whatever, I’ll take a little luck after the Helmet Catch, the Mario Manningham sideline catch, and not to mention the Jermain Kearse catch in XLIX that nearly caused me to smash my flatscreen just moments before the Butler INT even happened.

Things may not have ended all that well for Butler in New England, what with his benching in the Eagles Super Bowl, but hey thats a scarlet letter that Bill has to wear for the rest of his career. Patriots fans will forever love the part-time player turned Super Bowl hero.

So if you have 12 minutes to kill, definitely revisit the greatest play in Super Bowl history with this clip from the Patriots’ Do You Job special. Happy 30th, Malcolm.

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