Taco Bell Cantina AKA the Best Club in Vegas is Coming to Boston Reportedly

You know how many years I have spent complaining about the lack of Taco Bells in the Boston area? They actually just opened one downtown a couple of months ago, but before that there was one in the Cambridgeside Galleria food court and that was it. The next closest locations were in Revere, West Roxbury, and Quincy. 7,000+ locations and there was only one in Boston, what an absolute crime. So I’m all for any semblance of Taco Bell expansion in town, but now I learn that there may be a Taco Bell CANTINA coming to town??

If you’re unfamiliar with the Taco Bell Cantina concept then you my friend are missing out. Theres only a handful of these glorious locations in the country and the one on the strip is legitimately the best club in Las Vegas. I’m not even joking. Just look at this clip I had on my phone from when I was in Vegas last year.

Again, that is a Taco Bell.

The place serves booze, has a DJ, and is just general debauchery with a side of Doritos Locos Tacos.

Now for the location. I love it because its pretty close to my house, but to drop this place directly across the street from a major college in Boston University is BOLD. BU isn’t exactly Arizona State, but I guarantee there is still going to be 19-year-old sorority girls passed out face down in their fourth meal on the regular.

Live mas, indeed.

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