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Pizza Hut Going Back to the Future

Pizza Hut is rebooting its logo from when the company dominated the American pizza market https://t.co/ttKiwd2jRY pic.twitter.com/vxYOuqwvvJ — CNN (@CNN) June 26, 2019 CNN Business – Pizza Hut wants to return to its winning ways. So it’s rebooting the logo … Continue reading

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Welp, Looks Like I’m Having Taco Bell for Dinner

Forbes – Taco Bell today announced that delivery is now available nationwide, a day shy of the one-year anniversary since parent company Yum! Brands announced its partnership with Grubhub. That partnership included Yum’s $200 million investment in the delivery company to accelerate … Continue reading

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I’m Making November 1st a Fast Food Holiday

It happened! A base was stolen in the #WorldSeries and that means all of America gets to steal a free Doritos® Locos Tacos. See terms: https://t.co/0Q1e2acrit #StealATaco pic.twitter.com/1i21Jukplz — Taco Bell (@tacobell) October 24, 2018 Business Insider – Taco Bell … Continue reading

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