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I Have Legitimately Grown Emotionally Attached to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

I have grown so emotionally attached to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick I don’t know what I’m going to do when (if) they ever retire. It was similar with David Ortiz; I grew up with these guys. Sure I remember … Continue reading

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These Are the Stakes the Patriots are Playing for in Super Bowl LII

Its almost here. Its the last day of cube life before Super Bowl LII. We’ve had boots on the ground to bring you into the Super Bowl Experience, we’ve provided you with Patriots porn, we’ve got you ready to run … Continue reading

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Some Patriots Porn Courtesy of Colin Cowherd to Get You Jacked Up for the Super Bowl

Its difficult to see, hear, and read everything going on this week leading up to the Super Bowl, but this Colin Cowherd video below is an excellent use of your time. Cowherd goes into what makes the Patriots so damn … Continue reading

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I Will Take This Belichick Fedora Hat Picture on the BIGGEST Fathead Possible

All that is man right here. Whats the biggest size Fathead makes? Okay, double it and overnight that to me asap. Need this draping the entire side of my house before Super Bowl Sunday.

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Dan Le Batard Takes a Shot at the Crown, Implies Tom Brady is On Steroids

NESN – What Tom Brady is doing at age 40 defies all logic. The New England Patriots quarterback has a very real chance of finishing his age-40 season with an NFL MVP award, a Super Bowl MVP award and yet … Continue reading

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Six Thoughts From Championship Sunday

After yet another Patriots comeback and an epic Eagles beatdown in Philadelphia the matchup for Super Bowl LII is set. For the Patriots, the Blitz for Six is fully on.  For the Eagles, it’s a chance to cap off a … Continue reading

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Mr. Kraft Does It Again! Makes Fire Flames Sneakers Out of Super Bowl LI Footballs

My goodness. Just when I think Robert Kraft has outdone himself with his footwear, he does it again. He’s created maybe the greatest sneaker of all time. Forget Yeezys, Bobby Kraft is the hottest footwear designer on the streets. JUST … Continue reading

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