The New Patriots Uniforms Are Here and They Are Fine

They’re here! The new Patriots jerseys are here! And I am…underwhelmed. In the age of sports talk radio and hot takes on twitter every day, the idea of straddling the fence has essentially become a punishable offense. You either love something and you’re swiping your credit card as we speak or it’s hot garbage and the team should just contract. Well prepare to be disappointed because that is exactly how I feel about these uniforms. They’re fine. They aren’t great, I’m definitely not buying one, but they’re not terrible. They’re just meh.

My biggest disappointment is that they aren’t even new. The Patriots announcing the Color Rush jersey becoming the primary home jersey as “new” is a stretch. They’ve been wearing these jerseys for years; that’s not new.

The white jerseys are also super OK.

But again they aren’t all that different from the team’s normal white roads, aside from those new shoulder stripes.

Seriously though, these are basically the same thing.

Come on!

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, Mike Reiss already told us the changes were going to be minor. These aren’t terrible, BUT the Patriots missed a huge opportunity and I can’t believe it. If you’re going to just repurpose old product (Color Rush jerseys) and repackage them as something brand new, at least do it right. The white on white color rush jerseys the Pats rocked in Tampa a couple years ago were CLEAN.

Yet the Patriots decided to go white on blue and just muck it all up.

So these jerseys are fine, they’re nothing great, but I think the team missed an opportunity here. It was time for a change, the Patriots were smart to go with a slightly different look in the post Tom Brady era, but unfortunately the Krafts will not be getting any of my stimulus check Trump Bucks.

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