Patriots Fullback James Develin Announces His Retirement

Patriots fan favorite fullback James Develin announced his retirement out of nowhere this afternoon on Instagram. It’s a damn shame because the neck injury that ended his 2019 season after just two games seems to still be lingering.

“Due to unforeseen complications with the injury that ended my season last year, I have decided it is both in my and my family’s best interest to retire from the game of football,” Devlin wrote. “I’ve always maintained a belief that in the sport, the team is MUCH more important than myself as an individual … and that belief still rings true, as I have to prioritize my team at home before anything else.”

Develin retires after a 7 year career in which he helped the Patriots develop a legitimate edge in the running game. Develin was a rarity in today’s NFL as fewer teams even utilize the FB position than ever before. He was an absolute monster clearing lanes for Sony Michel en route to a Super Bowl title in 2018 for a Pats team that leaned more heavily on the run than any team in recent memory.

A real life Danny Bateman with the neckroll and everything, James Develin was a true throwback.

He wasn’t a complete meathead like most fullbacks though, Develin earned a degree in mechanical engineering at Brown.

Develin also got robbed of a Super Bowl MVP, and a potential down payment on a house if you hit the bet, if you remember correctly

Best of luck to you in your post playing career James, you were a blast to watch and we’ll miss ya.

Full statement below:

Some Devlin highlights

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