Dennis Eckersley May Be the Only Entertainment Red Sox Fans Get This Year

After getting brained by the ghastly Orioles over the weekend, the Sox got right back to it immediately going down 7-0 to the Mets. In normal times I probably would have fired up the PS4 and checked the boxscore later. With the pandemic though I literally have nothing else to do and I’m worried that baseball might get cancelled before the end of the month after the Marlins COVID outbreak. So I persevered and the Sox actually made it a game, but the only real entertainment Sox fans are getting this year is in the form of Dennis Eckersley. I’ve made no bones about my stanning for Eck over the years. He is a legitimately excellent broadcaster. Eck is also uniquely hilarious in the way he speaks, but also because he doesn’t give a single shit about ripping the team.

God bless you, Eck.

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