Bruins. Playoff. Hockey. Tonight.

The Boston Bruins are playing playoff hockey tonight. I repeat, Playoff. Hockey. Now lets all ignore the fact that this is a little weird for Round 1 to be starting on August 11th and lets also ignore the fact that the Bruins were far and away the No. 1 team in the NHL for months only to get relegated to the four seed after a bad 3 game stretch. Because none of that matters now. It’s playoff hockey time which means I get to booze out of my Stanley Cup glass once again.

Now, the last playoff game the Bruins played in was a crushing letdown on home ice to let yet another Cup slip through their fingers, but this year’s team was the best team in the NHL all season long. So hopefully the boys can shake off the rust and get their shit together tonight or this COVID interrupted season could be over for good before anyone even realizes they were back.

Make sure you’re properly hydrated for tonight’s game and just start watching this on repeat until puck drop.

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