Brunch With the Bruins Today at 11 AM Because Bubble Hockey is Unpredictable

Hope you don’t have, ya know, a job and can actually watch this rescheduled playoff game. Thats exactly why they normally schedule these games after 5 pm, but hey bubble sports are unpredictable so what are you gonna do? The Blue Jackets-Lightning game went into 5OT last night or if you’re fancy, quintuple overtime. Those guys played over 150 minutes of hockey last night, which is like 2.5 games played consecutively.

Apparently the NHL needs 90 minutes between games to get the ice back into shape, which had the Bruins 8 pm puck drop continuously moving backwards. So when the 3 pm game didn’t end until after 9 pm the NHL figured lets just kick the Bruins to the morning rather than have a game go until 2 am. Something the Red Sox could learn a thing or two about…

Now we have the first Bruins playoff game in over a year taking place before high school lunch at 11 am.

If however you’re one of the lucky ones and don’t have work today (or you’re just a raging alcoholic) then this is setting up to be quite the day.

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